About Tomasz Gwincinski webstore

Tomasz Gwincinski Webstore works very simple.

Just click the cover on the main page, read the details, listen, watch the preview and buy it or pre-order.

There are few ways:

  • Buy (green button) digital download (MP3 / FLAC) – and you will receive the files right after the Paypal payment.

  • Buy (green button) item (CD / Blu-ray) – and we will send you the item in a short period of time.

  • Pre-order (orange button) (LPs) – this needs to take some time. We will contact you right after the payment, but you have to wait a little to get it. Why? Because this is one man project, no corporation behind and we need few people’s order to produce it.

Please keep this music for yourself and don’t send it elsewhere.
Please note, that www.gwincinski.com is a one man online project. The only place, where you can buy my art.
If you will send or give it away, I won’t be able to record new music or create new movies.

Best regards,

Tomasz Gwincinski 

Any problems? Any questions?

Use contact form and ask the artist or gwincinski.com administrator.