Tomasz Gwincinski

On Sky on Earth

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All tracks:

1. First Encounters 1:28
2. Hidden in the Rye 5:54
3. Hey Ho 3:40
4. Off at the Barn 5:54
5. Wylatowo 4:28
6. Darkness at the Noon 2:10
7. On the Planet 5:26
8. Strange Broadcast 1:43
9. Hey Ho (reprise) 3:08
10. Mr Szpulecki

On the Planet – full track:

About this product

Original motion picture soundtrack to Maciej Cuske documentary. Music recreates unique atmosphere of Wylatowo during the time of special events. Gwincinski reports: I spoke with the director of the film if there was something called encounters of the third kind in Wylatowo, and he answers – there was something strange in this village for sure.
Wylatowo , the only one village in Poland where crop circles appear.
On Sky on Earth, the only one music made with cooperation with aliens.