Clever Nonsense okl gutt

Tomasz Gwincinski
& NonLinear

Clever Nonsense

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All tracks:

1. Charakter głupoty/ Stupidity Itch 4:00
2. John Z. Memorial Barbecue 2:44
3. Cume 7:06
4. Vergessen-Versunken 3:28
5. Clever Nonsense 5:14
6. Tzeruf 5:47
7. Night in the Garden 5:26
8. Torrents of Spring/Wiesznije wody 8:16
9. RZC/Radical Ziemianska Culture 8:33

Torrents of Spring – excerpt:

About this product

Continuing way of leading large ensemble such as: Frank Zappa – Modern Ensemble, Uri Caine – Mahler etc. Gwincinski’s first attempt to written chamber music. Music performed by NonLinear Ensemble with leader. On this album you can find famous recording of Torrents of Spring/Wiesznije wody with violin solo by Lukasz Gorewicz. Album also contains appearance of Lech Janerka reciting poem by Paul Celane – RZC/Radical Ziemianska Culture. Top notch production and music.