Tomasz Gwincinski

Based in Devon guitarist, composer and filmmaker, born 15 January 1963 in Bydgoszcz.


He studied Medicine and Philosophy and then composition with Bogusław Schaeffer.

He is one of the founder of so-called Yass scene. In 1990 he founded the group Trytony (later transformed into Maestro Trytony). Name of the band was taken from then new cultural centre in Bydgoszcz (now Trytony club is replaced by Mózg).

After over 40 concerts in three months, they recorded their first CD Tańce Bydgoskie (own edition) – unusual mixture of improvised music of line Eric Dolphy-John Coltrane-Ornette Coleman with classical music tradition of 20th century (e.g. Bela Bartok).

Together with Tomasz „Święty” Hesse (bg, g) and Tomasz Pawlicki (kb, fl) he created the legendary group Tele Echo.

Tomasz Gwinciński is also the leader of the NonLinear Ensemble (CD Clever Nonsense). He worked with such musicians as Ryszard „Tymon” Tymański, Mikołaj Trzaska and Kazik Staszewski. He played on the cult record Rozmowy s catem with Kazik and Mazzoll & Arythmic Perfection. Bands Gwinciński / Richter / Skolik, Łoskot and Mazzoll Arhytmic Perfection are among his frequent collaborators.

Gwinciński is also the author of theatre music, music producer and film director. In 2014 he wrote and directed a film called Sherlock Holmes and People of Tomorrow.

Currently studies at Falmouth University – MA degree course.

Biography partly based on article by: Marek Romański –, December 2008.