Gwincinski Richter Skolik
Gwincinski / Richter / Skolik

Jupiter Urizen Wernyhora Trungpa

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All tracks:

1. Noc Lipcowa/A July Night 8:44
2. Emersen w Kalahari/Emersen in Kalahari 7:50
3. Ufologia Trumn/Ufology of Caffins 6:41
4. Poeci wody/The Poets of Water 4:14
5. El Topo 10:12
6. Tulku 11:59

Noc lipcowa – full track:

About this product

This is an amazing album, which is now available for download on It’s a kind of guitar jazz instrumental music, reminiscent of Pink Floyd in the early post-Barrett period, with long, spacious and rhythmic relatively simple structures full of intrinsic tension and high quality instrumental touches and sounds, creating an eery, gloomy, hypnotic atmosphere. Jazz would not be a correct qualifier, but neither are rock nor fusion. The overall result is highly unusual, compelling and entrancing. With Tomasz Gwinciński on guitar and banjo, Loco Richter on bass guitar and B-3 organ, Arkadiusz Skolik on drums, xylophone, and with on some tracks Renata Suchodolska on cello and Tomasz Mucha on violin. This music is not about instrumental prowess, or clever harmonic development, rhythmic subtleties, or even about melody : it’s all about atmosphere and mood, created over long repetitive rhythms, building a gloomy, sometimes melancholy tension with instrumental accents and shadings. Throughout the album the musicians keep their creative and unique approach to music, even if all tracks are different and by themselves of interest. Hypnotic and entrancing – I find no other words for it. –